KGH Equipment is proud to be apart of a new project for the Chilliwack School district. Southside Elementary School will host children in Kindergarden to Grade 8 and is scheduled to be completed in Fall 2022.

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Site preparation has started at the location. The KGH Equipment team is an integral part of the beginning of this project. Our team is working with the Site Superintendent to shoot heights to ensure proper grades and concrete thickness. This step is important as without the vital work at the preparation stage, the building’s costs could drastically increase as extra concrete adds up very quickly.   

The KGH Equipment team uses a laser level to determine the grade and the amount of gravel needed to raise or depress the land. At this step, the team works with additional trades to bed the plumbing and electrical pipes. Our gradesperson and labourer ensure this process goes smoothly and is done correctly. Following this the excavator operator completes final touch us, leveling out and compacting the gravel. This enables poly and rebar to be installed directly into the gravel base.

KGH Equipment is excited to be a part of this initiative taken by the Chilliwack school district. With more and more people moving to Chilliwack every day, there is a huge need for more education in the area.

KGH Equipment has full site preparation capabilities, having the ability to take your site from bare land to building ready. Using our vast heavy machinery equipment fleet, KGH Equipment ensures your project gets done quickly and efficiently.

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