Everyone hopes one day to building their dream home, but there are a lot of steps that are involved in preparing land before the building of a home even starts. From purchasing a parcel of land to construction, KGH equipment’s team has the skill, knowledge, and equipment to get the task done.

Recently KGH equipment started work preparing land for a future home. First the team worked clearing and grubbing all the smaller brush and bushes, which is done with the excavator. Once the smaller brush was cleared the team worked with a tree faller to take down the remaining tree, assisting with the use of an excavator.

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Once everything was cleared, the excavator was used with the brush rake attachment to move the smaller brush into piles where it was then loaded into a chipper to make hog fuel (wood chips).

The final step of land preparation is leveling the land. For this KGH Equipment will bring a dozer into the site to ensure the land is ready and safe for the new home.

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