When it comes to hiring a heavy equipment company there are a variety of things to look out for. Not only do you want a job well done, but you also need to keep yourself safe. A professional heavy equipment service will make the process of your project quicker and more efficient.


As most of us know, the restrictions of COVID-19 have had a major effect on businesses and continue to be an on-going concern. Finding a company that prioritizes cleaning is a huge plus! Heavy equipment cabs can harbour germs and viruses which can be a risk to your health. At KGH, your health and safety are our top priority. Cleanliness of these spaces is vital to both KGH and our customers. Sick workers = less workers! Clean equipment ensures happy and safe clients. 


Something many people do not account for, when searching for an equipment rental, is insurance. Surely, if you operate a car or own a house, you have insurance in case something happens. Heavy equipment rentals are the exact same. The effect of an accident happening can be costly and you run the risk of being liable if insurance is not in place. Anytime you are working with equipment, insurance is something important to consider. On your end, the first step is to research any pre-existing insurance coverage you may have for this type of equipment with your current insurance company. It is important that the equipment company you use has coverage. But it’s also important that you have coverage for rentals, and the company you go with should require you to have it OR get it. 


Just like you would surf the net for reviews about a car dealership, heavy equipment services are no different. Start by asking your neighbours, co-workers, or friends what companies they have worked with in the past. Ask who they would recommend, and more importantly, why they would recommend them. Social media can be a wonderful place too! Compare different reviews on different sites and look for consumer feedback to see what people are saying on each.  


Like most services, prices vary place to place. BUT sometimes the lowest price is not the best price. If something looks too good to be true, ask yourself why. Most rentals are done on an hourly or daily basis, so, if the machine keeps breaking down or is not working at 100% capacity, your project may take longer. In the end this can be quite costly. If the machine is broken, the job is not getting done. For example, if you took the weekend to do the job and now it is not complete because the machine broke, you would have to take more of your own time to complete the project another day. Also, consider that you may have other trades or workers on site relying on the machine to perform. If the machine is down, the entire project is costing more.  

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