Some of us aren’t as comfortable with construction and everything it entails. From renting equipment to using a saw, it can be quite intimidating. So, let’s chat about renting equipment, how it can be useful, why heavy-duty equipment is worth it and the costs.

In a recent survey, found that over 70,000 business owners, CEO’s, and procurement professionals have been using heavy-duty equipment rentals more frequently across Western Canada. Whether these numbers are due to the ailing economy or other trends, heavy-duty equipment rentals are here to stay. And much like every other trend these days, it’s surrounded by a lot of questions. So, let’s get started…

1. Reading The Contract Thoroughly – This is a classic that affects just about everyone at some point. Neglecting to read the fine print regarding things like fuel and delivery charges, as well as late fees, can cause excess costs and surprises.

2. Damage – Different companies may have different definitions of ‘damage’. If they’ve owned their own equipment for years, they’re likely in the habit of disregarding the dings and scrapes that come with the job. A rental company is likely not so accepting or forgiving. It’s often the little things that create red ink.

3. Discounts – Beware of discounts. Something that sounds too good to be true, probably is.

4. Renting More or Less Than You Need – Some companies waste money by renting more equipment than they need to get the job done. Do you really need that Deere 333G or will a smaller 317G do the job just fine? You could also end up wasting money by renting a front-end loader or mini excavator that’s too small for the job and slows everything down. In this case the onus is squarely on the renter who needs to do his research before he approaches the rental company looking to procure equipment.

Avoiding heavy-duty rental mistakes isn’t rocket science BUT they can make a huge difference. Here at KGH equipment we make sure our heavy-duty machinery is always in tip-top shape. Our team always makes sure the equipment is ready to go before the work commences, that a safe work environment is maintained for all concerned and that the best operational practices are used to avoid any errors that could happen.

Our team of highly trained professionals is ready to help YOU with all your projects, all year round. KGH Equipment offers equipment services for homeowners, trades, and contractors. From manlifts to telehandlers and skidsteers, KGH Equipment offers both ‘bare’ and ‘with operator’ rentals. KGH Equipment offers many services from moving,

delivery excavation services, land clearing, site preparation and a variety of other landscaping services. KGH can help take your site from start to completion. Contact us today for a FREE quote.