Falls Court

2022 – 2024

$200,000 – $210,000








  • Removal and repair of  boulder wall.
  • Reinstatement of garden and plant landscape.
  • Reinstatement of  remaining landscape.
  • Repair of sinkhole and ground settlement.
  • Repair of settlement in the driveway.


This project in Falls Court, Chilliwack, involved comprehensive repairs and reinstatement of various landscaping elements and structures on the property. This included the removal and repair of a boulder wall, reinstatement of garden and plant landscapes, repair of sinkholes and ground settlement along walkways and stairs, and repair of the driveway to address settlement issues. We are thrilled to have been part of this project!


Our project goal is to restore the property’s landscaping and structural elements to their original state, ensuring proper drainage and functionality while matching the existing concrete and landscape features as closely as possible. The project was overseen by Fraser Valley Engineering to ensure the proper execution of the repairs and reinstatement efforts. 


Recently KGH Equipment Ltd. completed a 5 month project on my property located on the Eastern Hillside of Chilliwack.  It was unusual and extensive in both scope and size and their work throughout the entire project was exemplary.


From the first meeting it was explained to me in considerable detail how they arrived at their quotation. At no time did I feel rushed to comply or pressured in any way.  Extraordinary time was spent answering all my questions and assuring me that they would be responsible for seeing the Project through every step right to completion.


The work ethic demonstrated by everyone involved with this endeavour was excellent.  The Project Lead was easily accessible to me at all times and constantly kept me informed regarding each stage of the process.  I never witnessed any discord within the multiple crews that were on my site and with regard to myself they were respectful, courteous and kind throughout.


Their time keeping was above reproach, when they said they would arrive they followed through.  When I was given a completion time it was met and if there was any delay I was told why, how and when it would be brought back in line.  Their knowledge of correct, safe methods and best material for the job is superlative and never once did I feel the necessity to question them in any of these areas.


My overall recommendation is that you could not deal with a more ethical, reliable, knowledgeable company. They never once sacrificed quality for any reason and they work with expert trades who have a similar work ethic.  Their company standards are set very high and their staff strive to meet those standards in every aspect of their work.


Without hesitation I highly recommend KGH EQUIPMENT LTD.



Our project goal is to provide a range of customized infrastructure services to this residential development that meet the specific needs of the community. Our team will work closely with the development team and other stakeholders to ensure the highest levels of performance and safety in all our services.

For example, our storm works services will involve the installation of a network of stormwater drainage systems that are specifically designed to mitigate potential flooding in the development. Our sanitary services will be customized to the specific waste management needs of the development while promoting public health by implementing best practices in waste reduction and management. Our water works services will focus on delivering a reliable and efficient supply of clean and safe water to homes, while minimizing water loss and maximizing water conservation. Additionally, our road works services will incorporate traffic calming measures, pedestrian walkways, and cycling lanes to enhance safety and convenience. Our landscaping services will create an attractive living environment by using native vegetation and taking into consideration the specific terrain and natural features of the development. Finally, our hydro & tel services will be designed to meet the unique power and communication needs of the development, using state-of-the-art technologies to deliver reliable and efficient services.