KGH Equipment Fleet and Services

Mini Excavators

KGH Equipment owns a variety of different mini excavators. These mini excavators are capable of assisting with landscaping, trenching, brush removal, back filling, etc. They also come with attachments for the job you need done. They bill out at an hourly rate including an operator and fuel. Please call for specific rates.

KGH Equipment currently offers mini excavators in the following sizes:

  • 3.5 Ton

  • 4 Ton

  • 5.5 Ton

  • 6 Ton

  • 8 Ton

large Excavators

Full size excavators  typically dig and backfill excavations, and are capable of grading, clearing, demolition, etc. KGH Equipment also carries a variety of attachments for the excavators. Like the mini excavators, they bill out at a hourly rate including an operator and fuel.

KGH Equipment current offers big excavators in the following sizes:

  • 13.5 Ton

  • 21 Ton

  • 22.5 Ton

  • 35 Ton


KGH Equipment owns skidsteers as well. 


KGH Equipment offers various excavator and skid steer attachments available to come with a machine or as bare rental. Please call for rates and availability. Delivery is available. 

  • Jack hammer

  • Hoepack

  • Ripper

  • Rake

  • Brush cutter

  • Sweeper

Rollers and Dozers

KGH Equipment owns a variety of sizes of rollers and dozers. They come with an operator and fuel at an hourly rate. Roller comes with optional padfoot shell. These complement the other pieces of equipment to assist in clearing or fill pad installation. 

Dump Trucks

KGH Equipment owns a variety of dump trucks. They are available to be used for on site trucking or hauling material in or out. They are designed to haul rock, gravel, fill dirt, sand, concrete, etc. Trucks are available at an hourly rate, call today for a free quote.

Our Fleet includes the following:

  • F-550 dumper

  • Tandem axle

  • Tandem axle and pony

  • Tandem axle and transfer

Transport/Equipment Moving

KGH Equipment has the ability to move equipment or transport loads that will fit on a flat deck. KGH Equipment currently owns 3 trailers to move equipment including but not limited to excavators, skidsteers, and manlifts. 

  • 30 foot gooseneck flat deck

  • 24 foot tandem flat deck

  • Tridem tilt deck


KGH Equipment’s survey division capable of doing layout, as-builts, and elevations. This works great for plotting a building on a property, assisting the civil contractor with elevations, and more.

Demolition and Property services

KGH Equipment takes care of demolition, removal and property grading and servicing. Call for pricing.